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We believe that life is about the moments we share with each other. Hang Local's mission is to foster joy and friendship through hanging out 🤙

Hang Local makes it easy to notify your friends when you want to hang out!

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Simply choose an activity and Hang Local will find your Buddies in the area that you can notify.

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

You always decide which Buddies to notify. Only the friends that you notify can see that you want to hang out.

Watch the video and see!

Hang Local works by first choosing an activity and then making any changes you want to your Hangout. You can quickly change the time, date, location or activity.

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

Next the Hang Local Hangouts app finds your Buddies in the area and then you decide which friends to notify. Only those that you notify can see that you want to hang out.

Watch the video and see!

Full Privacy Control

Each time you create a new Hangout in the Hang Local app, only the Buddies you notify are made aware that you want to hang. Your Hang Local Buddies are your friends that you want to hang out with more.

Your Buddies are selected from the contacts in your address book or quickly added with their cell phone number or e-mail. Your Buddies don't have to have the Hang Local Hangouts app to respond to your invite. Buddies can easily reply using a link the app sends to their cell phone via txt message or to their e-mail address.

Find & Notify Friends

Technology is only cool when it makes our life easier. Hang Local takes care of the hassle of figuring out which friends are around when you're free to hang out. It's faster than searching your address book and figuring out who's around.

Regardless of whether your hanging in the hood or traveling to your favorite city, Hang Local quickly finds your friends in the area. Swipe right and notify only those that you want to meet up with.


The Science Of Happiness

The science is clear. It is our close relationships that keep us happier and healthier as we age. As children our friendships come easy in the neighborhood, on the field or in the classroom. As adults, our lives are more complex as our families expand and our careers take us in new directions.  Read More

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