Find More Time With Friends

Time With Friends

We believe that life is about the moments we share and experience with each other.

At Hang Local we make innovative tools that power friendship and foster community. We do this because great friendships make us happy and happy people make a happy world.

Our App

The Hang Local app makes it easy to notify your friends when you become free to hang out.

Choose an activity and then share it with close friends in the area to let them know that you wanna meet up. Make new friends in your community by joining like minded groups for hikes, drinks and more.

Join The Movement

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Notifying Friends

Each time you hang out, only the Buddies you select are notified. Buddies are selected from the contacts in your address book. Buddies that don't have the Hang Local app can respond by txt or e-mail.

Find Your Friends

Technology is only cool when it makes our life easier. Hang Local takes care of figuring out which friends are around when you're free to hang out.

Faster Than Texting

Without having to figure out who's around, the Hang Local app quickly presents your friends and then you swipe to notify those that you want to meet up with.

Happy With Friends

We love technology, but we think it's healthy to put down our devices and experience life with those around us.

As humans, we are social loyal creatures that crave companionship just like our penguin friends.

Keep It Local

We hope that when you go to hang out, you end up supporting the independent businesses that keep each of our communities uniquely different and special.

Shop Local

Shopping local means voting with your wallet by supporting the independent businesses of your neighborhood. When you spend your money locally, you help keep dollars circulating longer throughout your local economy.

It's these local businesses that are the lifeblood of our local economy, creating jobs, hiring local workers as employees and working with other local businesses when repairs are needed.

Local Ratings

To help navigate what it means to be local, we've created a rating system that we believe encapsulates some of the most important parts of a healthy local ecosystem. You'll find these ratings on any of our local business pages.

Locally Owned

Business owner lives in the area and is an active participant in the community.

Local Hang Out

Business is a staple of the local community and members from the community regularly hang out here.

Hosts Community Events

Business is interested in developing a flourishing community ecosystem by regularly hosting events that enrich the lives of community members.

Supports Local Charities

Business regularly gives back to the community by donating a portion of profits to local charities.

Independently Operated

The local operators have full autonomy to make decisions about their business. They are empowered to adopt innovations that align with their personal, community, and environmental values.

Supports The Local Arts

This business regularly works with local artists to support the arts.

Hang Local Membership

Like indie music or film, we are independent creatives committed to our mission of spreading happiness by creating tools to build stronger friendships and stronger communities.

Click here to learn about how you can help keep us independent through our Membership Program.