Hang Local is the fastest way to find your friends or make new ones when you want to hang out!

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Make & Meet Friends With Groups

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Hang Local groups helps you find and link up with like minded friends wherever your adventures takes you!

Join a group to meet new hiking buddies, connect with fellow burners or find a partner to hit the links with.

When you want to hang out, simply select an activity you want to do like go for a hike, grab coffee or catch the latest movie.

Next the app does the hard part of finding local friends or new ones to invite.

Meet New People With Disoverability & Social Profile

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Full Privacy Control

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With Hang Local you're always in charge of your privacy. When you create a new Hangout and share your Hangout with 'Buddies Only', only the Buddies you notify are aware that you want to hang out. To make and match with new friends through Hang Local Groups, share your Hangout with 'Buddies + New People'. When your Hangout is shared with new people, your matches are based on your Group settings.

MakeFriends With Groups

Under your group settings you have the ability to set your gender interest and restrict your matches to an age range. Groups matching is only available to those over the age of 18.

Buddy List

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Your Hang Local Buddies are selected from the contacts in your address book or quickly added via their cell phone number or e-mail. The Buddies you add don't have to have the Hang Local app to be able to respond to your Hangouts. Your Buddies can simply reply using a link the app sends directly to their cell phone via text or to their e-mail address.

When one of your Hangout Group matches are interested in talking, they are also added to your Buddy list so that you can safely initiate a chat to negotiate meeting up.

Find & Notify Friends

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Technology is only cool when it makes our life easier. Hang Local takes care of the hassle of figuring out which friends are around when you're free to hang out. It's faster than searching your address book and figuring out who's around. And if your Buddies aren't down to hang, it's easy to meet new friends in the area to casually hang out with.

Regardless of whether your hanging in the hood or traveling to your favorite city, Hang Local quickly finds friends in the area. Swipe right to notify those that you want to meet up with.

The Science Of Happiness

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The Science of Happiness

The science is clear. It is our close relationships that keep us happier and healthier as we age. As children our friendships come easy in the neighborhood, on the field or in the classroom. As adults, our lives are more complex as our families expand and our careers take us in new directions.

Groups For Work

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"70% of employees said friendships at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life"

Gallup Research

To create a positive work culture, The Harvard Business Review recommends fostering social connections at work.