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Life is about the moments we share with each other.

Create more time hanging out with friends!

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Hang Local makes it easy to notify your friends when you wanna hang out.

Choose an activity and then Hang Local finds friends in the area to notify. Make new friends for hikes, drinks and more by sharing with groups.

   Launching Summer 2017  

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Notifying Friends

Each time you hang out, only the Buddies you select are notified. Buddies are selected from the contacts in your address book. Buddies that don't have the Hang Local app can respond by txt or e-mail.

Find Your Friends

Technology is only cool when it makes our life easier. Hang Local takes care of figuring out which friends are around when you're free to hang out.

Faster Than Texting

Without having to figure out who's around, the Hang Local app quickly presents your friends and then you swipe to notify those that you want to meet up with.

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