Hang Local

Hang Local is both a movement and an app. The movement is based on the belief that more time hanging out with friends and family in our community is a good thing. The app helps you connect with your Buddies to hang out in real life.

How Does It Work?

Hang Local works by sharing your availability to hang out with your Buddies. Meet up to grab a drink, go for a walk, or just hang out.

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Who Can See I'm Available?

When you want to hang out, you share your availability with either your Buddies or your Favorite Buddies.

What Are Buddies?

Hang Local Buddies are your contacts that you want to hang out with more. You select which of your contacts are your Buddies.

Buddies are people that you would want to get dinner with, catch a movie with or grab a drink with.

What Is A Favorite Buddy?

Favorite Buddies are self-selected closest friends. Sometimes you only want to hang with a tight crew.

How Do I Download Hang Local?

You can sign up or log on to Hang Local through your cell phone or computer with out downloading anything.

What About The App Stores?

Apps in the Apple App and Android App Stores are in development.

Why The Penguins?

Besides being extremely cool, they are also a lot like humans. Social, loyal and supportive.

About Hang Local

Allen Romero started working on Hang Local to solve a problem he was often frustrated with. Why was it so hard to find out who was available to meet up for dinner or a drink after work? A bike ride on a Saturday? Lunch?

A last minute trip to the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in 2011 reminded Allen that it was still a huge problem for today's younger generation as well as increasingly more busy professionals.

Before Hang Local, Allen was part of the team that launched the first family social network in 1999. Later, at Google from 2003-2009, Allen worked with the best and brightest Googlers on the teams that launched Google AdSense Online, Google Video and Google Checkout.


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