What We Do

We make innovative tools that power friendship and foster community. We do this because great friendships make us happy and happy people make a happy world.

Independent and bootstrapped -- Our software, apps and services are made possible through our our membership program.

How Do I Download?

Hang Local is currently in private beta. You must be invited to join.

The Movement

Much more than just an app, the ethos of Hang Local lives in the value of taking time from our increasingly demanding and digital lives to do the things we love, with each other, in the real world.

Investing precious time with our friends and families out in our communities. We know that the secret of happiness is time with our friends.

How It Started

A few years back, I left my job at Google to pursue building tools that focus on getting us to spend less time online and more time experiencing life with each other.

Hang Local began as a side project to solve my frustration in figuring out which friends were available to hang out. It quickly turned into a calling to help people create more human experience.

Since getting started on Hang Local, I've been recruiting like minded folks along the way to join the movement and start spending more time with each other and support our local communities in the process.

Before Hang Local, I worked more than six years with the best and brightest Googlers on the teams that launched Google AdSense, Google Video and Google Checkout. Before Google, I graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Allen Romero
Founder, Hang Local