The Secret Of Happiness

posted by Allen Romero

Wealth And Health In Friendship

Of the few things I'm certain, one is the importance of friendship for both our development and well-being.

The Secret Of Happiness

For children friendships come easy in the neighborhood, on the field or in the classroom. Adult life however grows increasingly more complex as our families expand and our careers take us in new directions.

Technology keeps us ever connected, though the truth is that our online posts, likes and comments cannot replace the shared laughter or embrace of a friend that we experience in person.

The Facebook friend race and acquisition of new online friends with little effort and no meaningful connection has eroded the once sacred definition of what it means to be someones friend.

The Good Life

Research from Harvard and UNC show that people who have both strong friendships and the ability to regularly spend time with their friends, report a greater sense of happiness, are healthier and live longer.

Hang Local

Dr. Robert Waldinger, a Harvard professor and psychiatrist, recently detailed Harvard's learnings in an excellent TED talk on happiness from the longest study on adult life ever done.

"The clearest message we learn from this 75 year study. Good relationships keep us happier and healthier period.
Dr. Robert Waldinger, Harvard Medical School

Time With Friends

Finding time for friends or making new ones in your adult life, whether that's in your thirties or eighties, can be challenging.

The easiest way to find time with friends is to simply reach out more and see what's up. That often means taking the initiative to develop a friendship by calling, texting or emailing to see if they are interested in doing something.

Invest In Friendship

Internationally recognized by the United Nations, March 20th is World Happiness Day.

For those looking for a little extra happiness in their day, the best thing to do is to simply take a moment to reach out to someone you love and say hi. Make a new friend today by inviting someone you recently met to go to a movie or for a walk. Research proves you'll both be a little happier because of it.

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