Make New Friends With Groups

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Make New Friends With Groups
Allen Romero
Make New Friends With Groups
By Allen Romero
August 26th, 2018

I'm thrilled to announce Hang Local Groups, a new feature on Hang Local for those wanting to make new friends. Healthy friendships are foundational to our happiness and Hang Local Groups makes it a breeze to make new friends.

In countless conversations with folks about Hang Local, it's pretty clear that there's a general frustration with how hard it is to make new friends in adult life. It seems the older we get, the harder it actually becomes.

Groups on Hang Local allows folks to find and link up with like-minded friends wherever their adventures may take them. You can join a group to meet new hiking buddies, connect with your fellow burners, find a partner to hit the links with.

You can even create a new Group and empower your club, university or affinity group to start connecting more in real life.

How It Works

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You can get started by joining a Group from the Groups Directory. Each group that you join lets you set whether you are interested in meeting folks from that group for Friendship, Dating, Business Networking or Whatever.

Under your group settings you also have the ability to set gender interest and restrict your matches to an age range.

Note that group matching is only available to members over the age of 18.

Hang Local Groups Select Interest Hang Local Groups Select Interest

Hanging Out

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Friends playing basketball
Photo by Tim Mossholder licensed under CC0

Hanging out is simple

When you want to hang out, simply select the activity you're interested in as usual. If you choose to share your Hangout with 'Buddies + New People', tapping 'Next' will suggest both your local Buddies to notify as well as suggest new matches based on your group preferences.

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

You're always in control of your privacy and can set who you share your Hangout with if you only want to invite a few close friends.

Swiping right on a group match will notify and invite a person to join your Hangout.

If your match is interested in talking, your match will then be added to your Buddy list where you can initiate a chat to negotiate the Hangout. You can choose to 'Block and Ignore' unwanted invitations.

New exercise friends hanging out


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We've also made several additions to your account profile under settings. First, the addition of 'Discoverability' allows you to control whether you want to make your profile available to match with others. You can easily toggle this setting to turn on or turn off making new friends via Hang Local Groups.

Your 'Social Profile' provides you the opportunity to highlight your interests to Group matches.

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

Making full use of your profile will increase the number of people interested in inviting you to hang out. It will also give your match a good snapshot of what you're actually into. Please remember to not act like a creep. We have zero creep tolerance in the Hang Local Community.

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

As we continue to build out Groups your feedback is critical to making this product rock! We want you to reach out and let us know how we are doing, what we can do better, and what features you would love to see us build into Groups. It's time to get out and hang out in real life!

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Hang Local is available now for iOS in the Apple App Store and coming soon to Android.

Get started below and join thousands of others meeting up for activities like yoga, late night or golfing. Sign in to download or get notified when we launch on Android.

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