Empowering Great Work Relationships

Research from The Sloan School of Business1 at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reports that the key to making new employees productive quickly is helping them immediately build an informational network with co-workers. It is these work friendships that are the secret to employee engagement and retention.

An engaged workforce claims 147% higher earnings per share

Gallup Workforce - How Employee Engagement Drives Growth2

The Secret To Employee Engagement Is Friendship

With Hang Local for work, your business can instantly enable employees to meet up with fellow coworkers to hang out for food, drinks or a run wherever they travel in the world.

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An article from Fast Company titled, "Why Your Boss Should Care About How Many Friends You Have At Work"3, highlights Gallup and MIT's research which reports that the organizations that are most successful at integrating new employees are also the companies that help their new hires rapidly establish relationships with fellow coworkers.

When companies are successful at converting their employees’ untenable ties into the durable bonds shared by fast friends, they develop workplace cultures and communities that flourish.

How It Works

After downloading the Hang Local app and joining your private company group, employees set their interest preferences and whether or not they currently want to meet up with people from work.

Members have a social profile where they can choose to share a little more about their personality and interests.

Hang Local Groups Select Interest Hang Local Groups Select Interest Hang Local Groups Select Interest

When your employees want to hang out, they simply choose an activity they are interested in meeting up for. As a member of your corporate group, Hang Local For Work does the hard part of finding friends and co-workers nearby that they can invite to hang out.

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

Employees are presented with matches nearby and swipe to notify those which they are interested in meeting up with.

Those invited to hangout have the ability to reply and start chatting within the app to meet up or ignore the request all together.

With Hang Local For Work, your employees can link up with new friends from your company by inviting them for a mid-day coffee or a weekend night out in the city.

Coworkers Hanging Out

Easily update your discoverability settings when you do and don't want to meet up with new people from work.

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