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Groups For Work empowers your organization to meet each other for skill sharing, business networking, mentorship and more.

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The #1 Secret To Employee Engagement

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Work friendships are the secret weapon of workforce engagement strategies.

Gallup Research1 consistently reports a concrete link between having a best friend at work and the amount of effort and engagement an employee expends at their job.

"70% of employees said friendships at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life"

Gallup Research2

To create a positive work culture, The Harvard Business Review3 recommends fostering social connections at work.

A large number of empirical studies confirm that positive social connections at work produce highly desirable results and are a strong predictor of job satisfaction.

Companies reported higher productivity, engagement, and retention from employees who felt emotionally connected to their co-workers than those that stuck to themselves.

Moreover, when an organization is successful at converting its employees’ untenable ties into the stronger bonds shared by close friends, that organization develops a workplace culture and community that flourish.

"An engaged workforce claims 147% higher earnings per share"

Gallup Research2

Onboarding New Employees

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The MIT Sloan School of Management4 suggests the key to making new employees productive quickly is helping them immediately build their network with co-workers.

Strong social networks within an organization encourage the flow of knowledge among new employees which accelerates that employees ability to become an effective team member.

Gallup Research4 also highlights the strong correlation between the organizations that are successful at integrating new employees and the organizations that encourage new hires to rapidly establish relationships with fellow co-workers.

When employees have a strong sense of affiliation with their team members, they are driven to take positive actions that benefit the business.

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The Benefits of Groups For Work
Globally Meet Co-workers On Demand
Stimulate Cross Organization Business Networking
Secure Person-To-Person Messaging
Cross-Pollinate Ideas
Active Directory & SSO Integration
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Groups For Work

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With Groups For Work, employees can set their interest to meet others in your organization for Business Networking, Friendship, Mentorship, Mentoring and Skill Sharing.

When an employee wants to meet up, he or she simply chooses an activity then Hang Local locates co-workers nearby that they can meet up with.

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Groups For Work makes it a breeze for your employees to quickly meet each other for a mid-day coffee, late lunch or choose from a list of other set activities. Your organization can customize the list of activities to also include working out, dinner and several other options.


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