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Our Creed

We believe that life is about the moments we share and experience with each other.

At Hang Local we make innovative tools that power friendship and foster community because great friendships make us happy and happy people make a happy world.

The App

We've put all of our love into making it easy for you to notify your friends when you're free to hang out.

Choose an activity and then share it with close friends in the area to let them know you wanna meet up.

Get together to grab coffee, catch the latest movie, go for a walk, or just hang out.

How It Works

You select the friends that you want to hang out with from the contacts in your address book setting them as your Hang Local Buddies.

Each time you wanna hang, you can quickly swipe to notify the your Buddies in the area that you want to meet up with.

Any Buddies that do not yet have the app can easily receive and respond to your hangout by txt or e-mail.


We're on a mission to improve global happiness by building tools that empower friendship and promote community.

Call us crazy, but we think the world is a better place when people feel loved by a friend and part of their community.

Research from Harvard agrees that strong relationships play a large role in keeping us happy and healthy as we grow older.

Membership Program

As independent creatives committed to our mission, strengthening friendship and community, it is the Hang Local Community that keeps us alive and allows us to focus on our collective mission.

Membership adds fuel to our fire so that we can keep moving forward and stay fed too!

Founding Membership Benefits

Founding Memberships Remain

Limited Edition Sticker

As a small token of our appreciation for joining as one of the first members of our community, Founding Members receive three Limited Edition member only stickers.

Black print on yellow vinyl, these durable 3"x 2.25" stickers are designed for longer term use so that you can rock these penguins for years to come!

15% Discount For Life

Membership has it's benefits and Founding Members enjoy a one of a kind 15% Discount For Life on all purchases from our online Hang Local store.

If you've seen any of our gear in the wild, please know that we have only just begun to bring to you the awesomeness.

The Hang Local lifestyle is real and we are adding new items weekly!

15% Discount For Life only for Founding Members

Claim your FOR LIFE discount now!

HL Shop

Local Community Discounts

Hang Local Membership also includes discounts with any of our Community Partners.

By using our app, HL Members receive 10% off when making in store purchases.

We're excited to grow our Merchant network so please drop us a line share whom we should include next!

LōK Gourmet
10% off at the LōKL Gourmet
McLean, VA
Venice Love Shack
10% off at The Venice Love Shack
Venice, CA

Early App Access

Penguin and Tribe Members additionally receive Early App Access to Hang Local's Member Services, iOS and Android apps.

As we grow our offering, we share Members Only access to new features and services before releasing them to the public. Members can play an active role in shaping what we work on should they have that interest.

Founder's Message

A few years back, I left my job at Google to pursue building tools that focus on getting us to spend less time online and more time experiencing life with each other.

Hang Local began as a side project to solve my frustration in figuring out which friends were available to hang out. It quickly turned into a calling to help people create more human experience.

Since getting started on Hang Local, I've been recruiting like minded folks along the way to join the movement and start spending more time with each other and support our local communities in the process.

Before Hang Local, I worked more than six years with the best and brightest Googlers on the teams that launched Google AdSense, Google Video and Google Checkout. Before Google, I graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Computer Engineering.

We're almost ready to launch and looking for the support of a few more Founding Members.

Come join the movement!

Allen Romero
Founder, Hang Local

Our Costs

Building an app for the iPhone and Android from the ground up is a large and costly effort. Most likely many of the apps that you love are designed and built by large corporations or heavily funded startups like Uber.

Consider that the apps and services you know, like Google and Facebook, are backed by BILLIONS of dollars that pay THOUSANDS of engineers and other quality folk to make their magic happen.

We're still just the little guy running lean and mean to get things started. We're taking David vs Goliath to a whole new level as we swim with the big boys.

Our Membership program helps us offset the growing computer services required to keep our tools online while also allowing us to stay independent from outside investors. This is community sponsored software!


$0.99 per month
3 Founding Member Stickers
15% HL Discount For Life
10% Community Discounts
Requires 1st Year Commitment
Paid in full at $11.88
$3.99 per month
3 Founding Member Stickers
15% HL Discount For Life
10% Community Discounts
Early App Access
1 Private Group
Requires 1st Year Commitment
Paid in full at $47.88
$19.99 per month
3 Founding Member Stickers
15% HL Discount For Life
10% Community Discounts
Early App Access
1 Private Group
Account Manager
Support Line
Requires 1st Year Commitment
Paid in full at $239.88

More Ways To Support

HL Classic Sticker

Frequent Questions

Where is Hang Local available?

Hang Local goes where you go and naturally works wherever you are in the world by using a combination of your cell phone's GPS and information from your address book. Automatically locate your Buddies in the area wherever you may roam.

Do My Friends Have To Have The App?

No. When your friends don't have the app, Hang Local will e-mail or txt them via cell that you wanna hang. Then can of course also quicly reply without downloading anything.

What Is Early App Access?

Early App Access allow members to use our bleeding edge app builds and services before they are released to the public.

What Are Member Only Features?

As we continue to develop and test new features, certain features will only be available to Hang Local sponsors.

Why 1 Year Sponsorship Commitment?

We are committed to the long-term success of Hang Local. Building world class software takes more than 1 month of support. Sponsoring Hang Local is a commitment to its long-term success and launch. We are in this for the long game and we want out sponsors to be committed also.

What Is The Issued Member Number?

Every sponsor is issued an official Hang Local Founding Member number used for member-only discounts and member-only events.

What Are Private Groups?

Private Groups allow members to setup a group for only their friends to participate in and share their availability to hang out or meet up only with other members of that group anywhere in the world.

When Will Hang Local Launch?

The Hang Local iOS app is currently in private beta testing and available to Hang Local Early App Access members. The Hang Local Android app is currently under development. We have not yet shared a public launch date.