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Hang Local is an app that help us hang out more with friends or make new ones. The development of Hang Local is self funded and additionally supported and paid for by the community of Hang Local Members.

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

In order to make this project sustainable, the goal is to sign up 1000 Founding Members. A 1 Year Membership costs $11.88, less than playing the lottery for one year.

Membership is never auto-renewed. In one year, you decide whether to continue to support Hang Local as a paying Member.

In return, Founding Members help steer Hang Local's future and enjoy a growing list of benefits which include limited edition Founding Member stickers, 15% off for life from The Hang Local Store and discounts at local retailers.

Hang Local's mission is to foster joy and friendship through hanging out 🤙  ... together we will accomplish our mission!


Over the years, I've found that people generally agree in the idea of an app to help us meet up with friends.  Additionally I'm told all the time from adults just how hard it is to make new friends as an adult. When I was at Google, I always thought someone else would build it.

Later at a TechCrunch Hackathon I realized no one in the tech community had solved these problems, and I started anew with fresh inspiration on what I thought would be an easy few months to code a 'hang out' app. Working on Hang Local quickly turned into a calling to help us all hang out with each other more!

The current version of Hang Local is the app I wish I had for years! I know it works because I've hung out with so many of you thanks to it!

Most popular apps people use are funded by the venture capital community. Hang Local is different in that it remains independently self funded with costs offset by the Hang Local Member community. This independence allows Hang Local to focus on building the best product and services for the people and communities it serves.

I'm now in a sprint to launch Hang Local to the rest of the world and reaching out to friends new & old to get the rocket boosters lit 🔥 and sign up the first 1000 Hang Local Founding Members.

The Hang Out App

It's easy to use Hang Local to casually choose an activity and share it with friends.

Get off the couch and meet up with a friend for coffee or drinks.

Get active and set up golf, tennis, hoops, whatever with friends!

How It Works

Hang Local Buddies are your friends you love hanging out with or want to close the gap with.

Your Buddies are selected from your phone's contacts book or quickly added via txt or e-mail. My favorite part is that your Buddies do not have to have Hang Local to respond. They are sent a link via e-mail or txt and can easily reply.

Each time you create a Hangout, it's privately shared with those that you decide.

Membership Program

While Hang Local originally started as a self-funded project, I created the Hang Local Membership program as a way to actually make it longterm sustainable. Hang Local Membership is an option for folks that like what they see and want to support Hang Local's mission to foster joy and friendship through hanging out 🤙

Members are those like minded people that agree with Hang Local's mission and serve as the patrons that add fuel to the fire so that it can grow.

Founding Membership

We are 💪  together and HL Founding Members are true believers.

They are the early ones that share a collective vision for our future 😎

Founding Benefits

Limited Edition Stickers

These beautiful Founding Member stickers are headed your way!

Black print on 3"x 2.25" yellow vinyl, durable and designed for long term use to rock on something you love.

15% Discount For Life

Membership has its benefits and Founding Members enjoy a 15% FOR LIFE HL shop discount.

I have only just begun to bring to you the awesomeness!

Not only is the Hang Local lifestyle real but your membership helps expand the shop.

👉 Claim YOUR 15% FOR LIFE discount

HL Shop

Local Discounts

I'm working with local businesses to build a network of community partners. These are the unique shops, restaurants and businesses that serve the communities by participating in them.

HL's first partners in Virginia and California are exceptionally awesome!

LōK Gourmet
10% off at the LōKL Gourmet
McLean, VA
Venice Love Shack
10% off at The Venice Love Shack
Venice, CA

Early App Access

Adventurous Penguin and Tribe Members receive early access to Hang Local's apps, services and features.

Founding Story

Born into a large family, I learned early about community. After completing my degree in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University, I made the trek west to San Francisco to work with my family on our startup that built social tools for families. The pure unpredictability of my average week made it hard to coordinate with friends.

At Google during the hyper growth years, and then again at the 2011 TechCrunch Hackathon, I continued to witness the challenges of meeting up in person.

Passionate about this work I set out to launch innovative solutions to these age old problems.

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$0.99 per month
Founding Membership
Founding Member Sticker
15% HL Discount For Life
Local Discounts
Requires 1st Year Commitment
Paid in full at $11.88
$3.99 per month
Founding Membership
Founding Member Sticker
15% HL Discount For Life
Local Discounts
Early App Access
Requires 1st Year Commitment
Paid in full at $47.88
$7.99 per month
Founding Membership
Founding Member Sticker
15% HL Discount For Life
Local Discounts
Early App Access
Love Matchmaking
Requires 1st Year Commitment
Paid in full at $95.88
$19.99 per month
Founding Membership
Founding Member Sticker
15% HL Discount For Life
Local Discounts
Early App Access
Group Matchmaking
Account Manager
Support Line
Requires 1st Year Commitment
Paid in full at $239.88

Founding Members

Founding Member #111
Cecily Urenay
Founding Member #110
Turquoise Sofa
Founding Member #109
Jen Carlton
Santa Monica, CA
Founding Member #108
Sara Oswalt
Austin, TX
Founding Member #107
Sara Kirsner
Founding Member #106
Kimberly McKinley
Washington, D.C.
Founding Member #105
Jackie Losey
Founding Member #104
Will Jerro
McLean, VA
Founding Member #103
Tammy Romero
McLean, VA
Founding Member #102
Carter Trout
San Mateo, CA
Founding Member #101
Kate Gephardt
McLean, VA
Founding Member #100
Sean Sabarese
Orinda, CA
Founding Member #99
Stephanie Bausone
Escondido, Ca
Founding Member #98
Marcus Ronaldi
Daly City, CA
Founding Member #97
Bryan Woodward
San Jose, CA
Founding Member #96
Mark Drever
Reston, VA
Founding Member #95
Carson Golden
Charlotte, NC
Founding Member #94
Divya Shenoy
Alexandria, VA
Founding Member #93
Zach Chambers
Shreveport, LA
Founding Member #92
Harley McKinley
Washington, D.C.
Founding Member #91
Tom Spier
Boulder, CO
Founding Member #90
Anne Goss
Houston, TX
Founding Member #89
John Brust
San Francisco, CA
Founding Member #88
Brian Rule
Richmond, VA
Founding Member #87
Vanessa Warren
New York, NY
Founding Member #86
Mark Lillard
Founding Member #85
Nicole Hoffman
Houston, TX
Founding Member #84
Lauren Sparks Hamner
Founding Member #83
Gary Su
New York, NY
Founding Member #82
Terri Murray
Founding Member #81
Maria Pacheco
Founding Member #80
Ali Mian
Founding Member #79
Jenna Lyall
Founding Member #78
Heidi Skinner
Founding Member #77
Owen Brainard
Austin, TX
Founding Member #76
Kat Tucker Rutkowski
Great Falls, VA
Founding Member #75
Erik Weiss
Atlanta, GA
Founding Member #74
Meghann Seidner
Los Angeles, CA
Founding Member #73
Trevor Hamilton
Dallas, TX
Founding Member #72
Peter Suen
Founding Member #71
Latane Conant
Chicago, IL
Founding Member #70
Meredith Moysey
Founding Member #69
Janie Myers
Founding Member #68
Catherine Lacavera
San Francisco, CA
Founding Member #67
Perry Nelson
Austin, TX
Founding Member #66
Jason Fernandez
Austin, TX
Founding Member #65
Adam Calderon
Amagansett, NY
Founding Member #64
Shaun Abram
Orinda, CA
Founding Member #63
Brinlea Johnson
New York, NY
Founding Member #62
Leigh Pence
Great Falls, VA
Founding Member #61
Kelly Kotzman
Manhattan Beach, CA
Founding Member #60
David Green
Roswell, GA
Founding Member #59
Gary Buxton
Milton, GA
Founding Member #58
Alexander Romero
Reston, VA
Founding Member #57
Igor Kopilenko
San Francisco
Founding Member #56
Mischa Rychener
Founding Member #55
Aimée Christensen
Ketchum, ID
Founding Member #54
Adam Watts
San Francisco, CA
Founding Member #53
Ali Edwards
New York, NY
Founding Member #52
Will Andre
Los Angeles, CA
Founding Member #51
Alan Chan
San Francisco, CA
Founding Member #50
Kailey Gorbold
Eagle, CO
Founding Member #49
Timothy Brandt
Santa Monica, CA
Founding Member #48
Tyler Willoughby
Charlotte, NC
Founding Member #47
Pamela Saenger
New York, NY
Founding Member #46
John Romero
Birmingham, AL
Founding Member #45
Justin McBride
Venice, CA
Founding Member #44
Janelle Varley
Durham, NC
Founding Member #43
Sarah Martin
Founding Member #42
Lisa Walker
Founding Member #41
Robin Kennedy
Founding Member #40
Arun Singh
Founding Member #39
Wes Fisher
El Cerrito, CA
Founding Member #38
Nikilesh Kopparthi
Founding Member #37
Brandoin Flickinger
Founding Member #36
Christopher Welsh
Founding Member #35
Gregg Glick
Founding Member #34
Patrick Hale
Founding Member #33
Chris Mace
Founding Member #32
Manpreet Singh
Founding Member #31
Ed McWilliams
Oaxaca, Mexico
Founding Member #30
Kerry Dantzing
Founding Member #29
Ted Reynolds
Founding Member #28
Dayna Mullins
Founding Member #27
Jill Pentemonti
Founding Member #26
Christian DiCarlo
Founding Member #25
Katie Barnett Stratton
San Francisco, CA
Founding Member #24
Perrin Chiles
Los Angeles, CA
Founding Member #23
Andrew Kingsdale
Founding Member #22
Terra Naomi
Los Angeles, CA
Founding Member #21
Mickey Gupta
San Francisco, CA
Founding Member #20
Gabe Francis
London, England
Founding Member #19
Karen Schandler
Founding Member #18
June McCormack
Indianapolis, IN
Founding Member #17
Tori Emerson Barnes
Washington, D.C.
Founding Member #16
Stephanie Hoos
Denver, CO / London, England
Founding Member #15
Maggie Mittendorf
San Francisco, CA
Founding Member #14
Grace Kim
New York City
Founding Member #13
Alec Go
Williamsport, PA
Founding Member #12
David Gammill
Hermosa Beach, CA
Founding Member #11
Steve Lin
Founding Member #10
Bob Cohen
Boulder, CO
Founding Member #9
Stuart Satullo
Dallas, TX / Hermosa Beach, CA
Founding Member #8
Joe J Bernabe
Founding Member #7
Allen Romero
SF / LA / DC
Founding Member #6
Ian Loizeaux
London, U.K.
Founding Member #5
Lyn Graft
Austin, TX
Founding Member #4
Caroline Dimitri
Bronxville, NY
Founding Member #3
Founding Member #2
Jamie Agnew
New York City
Founding Member #1
Gonzalo Romero
Reston, VA

Frequent Questions

Where is Hang Local available?

Hang Local works wherever you are in the world to locate nearby friends by using a combination of your cell phone's GPS and information from your address book.

Do Friends Have To Have The App?

No. Hang Local will send an e-mail or txt to your friends that do not have the app to let them know you wanna hang. Friends can quickly reply whether they are in or out.

What Is Early App Access?

Early App Access allow members to use our apps and they are being developed and before they are released to the public.

Why Is There a 1 Year Commitment?

We are committed to the long-term success of Hang Local. Building world class software takes more than 1 month. Joining as a Hang Local Members is a commitment to its long-term success. We are in this for the long game and we want out members to be too!

What Is The Member Number?

Every sponsor is issued an official Hang Local Founding Member number used for member-only discounts and member-only events.

When Will Hang Local Launch?

The Hang Local iOS app is currently in private beta testing and available to Hang Local Members with Early Access. The Hang Local Android app is currently under development. There is not yet a public launch date.

Who Does Hang Local Use For Locations Services?

Hang Local uses the Foursquare API for place locations.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Hang Local's Privacy Policy is located here.