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HANG LOCAL's mission is to foster joy and friendship through hanging out.

In 2011, HANG LOCAL started as a self funded project by Allen Romero to develop an app that lets friends know when you're free to hang out.

As the vision for HANG LOCAL evolved, a line of streetwear was serendipitously developed at SXSW in 2012 in support of the HANG LOCAL brand and lifestyle.

HANG LOCAL has been primarily a self funded project later garnering support from Founding HANG LOCAL Members. In early 2019 HANG LOCAL received its first angel investment to aid in pushing the larger vision ahead.

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

To continue to make this HANG LOCAL sustainable, the goal is to sign up 1000 Founding Members. A 1 Year Membership costs $11.88, less than playing the lottery for one year.

Founding Members help steer HANG LOCAL's future and enjoy a growing list of benefits which include limited edition Founding Member stickers, 15% off for life from The HANG LOCAL Online Store and access to member only content.


Over the years, I've found that people generally agree in the idea of an app to help us meet up with friends.  Additionally I'm told all the time from adults just how hard it is to make new friends as an adult. When I was at Google, I always thought someone else would build it.

Later at a TechCrunch Hackathon I realized no one in the tech community had solved these problems, and I started anew with fresh inspiration on what I thought would be an easy few months to code a 'hang out' app. Working on HANG LOCAL quickly turned into a calling to help us all hang out with each other more!

The current version of HANG LOCAL is the app I wish I had for years! I know it works because I've hung out with so many of you thanks to it!

Most popular apps for your phone are funded by the venture capital community or backed by large multi-billion dollar businesses like Facebook & Google. HANG LOCAL is different in that it remains independent with support from the HANG LOCAL community. Independence allows HANG LOCAL to focus on building the best product and services for the people and communities it serves.

The Hang Out App

It's easy to use HANG LOCAL to casually choose an activity and share it with friends.

Get off the couch and meet up with a friend for coffee or drinks.

Get active and set up golf, tennis, hoops, whatever with friends!

How It Works

HANG LOCAL Buddies are your friends you love hanging out with or want to close the gap with.

Your Buddies are selected from your phone's contacts book or quickly added via txt or e-mail. My favorite part is that your Buddies do not have to have HANG LOCAL to respond. They are sent a link via e-mail or txt and can easily reply.

Each time you create a Hangout, it's privately shared with those that you decide.

Membership Program

While HANG LOCAL started as a self-funded project, the HANG LOCAL Membership program was created as a way to make HANG LOCAL sustainable longterm. HANG LOCAL Membership is an option for individuals that like what they see so far and want to support HANG LOCAL's larger mission to foster joy and friendship through hanging out

HANG LOCAL Members are the like minded people that agree with HANG LOCAL's mission and serve as the patrons that add fuel to the fire so that it can grow.

Membership Benefits

They say it takes a village and HANG LOCAL Membership Members are the true believers that share our vision for the future.

Limited Edition FOUNDING MEMBER Stickers

The first 1000 Members join as HANG LOCAL Founding Members. When you join as a Founding Member, you'll get a personalized thank you letter which includes your limited edition HANG LOCAL FOUNDING MEMBER stickers.


These 3"x 2.25" yellow vinyl stickers are highly durable and designed for long term use. We've seen HANG LOCAL Members rock these stickers on everything from their cell phones to their surfboards.


15% HANG LOCAL Store Discount For Life

Membership has its privileges and HANG LOCAL Founding Members enjoy a 15% discount with any purchase from our online HANG LOCAL Store for life!.

We've created a few choice hats, tees and sweatshirts that you can shop for now and with your support we'll be localizing HANG LOCAL gear to your hometown hood in no time!

The HANG LOCAL lifestyle is real and we stand by all of HANG LOCAL gear with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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Behind The Scenes

See how the sausage is made with member only behind the scenes content of how HANG LOCAL is made and developed.Penguin and Tribe Members receive early access to HANG LOCAL's apps, services and features.

Early App Access

Adventurous Penguin and Tribe Members receive early access to HANG LOCAL's apps, services and features.

Founding Story

Born into a large family, I learned early about the importance of community. After completing my degree in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University, I made the trek west to San Francisco to work with my family on our startup that built social tools for families. The pure unpredictability of my average week made it hard to coordinate with friends.

At Google during the hyper growth years, and then again at the 2011 TechCrunch Hackathon, I continued to witness the challenges of meeting up in person.

Passionate about this work I set out to launch innovative solutions to these age old problems.

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Allen Romero


Founding Members

Frequent Questions

Where is HANG LOCAL available?

HANG LOCAL works wherever you are in the world to locate nearby friends by using a combination of your cell phone's GPS and information from your address book.

Do Friends Have To Have The App?

No. HANG LOCAL will send an e-mail or txt to your friends that do not have the app to let them know you wanna hang. Friends can quickly reply whether they are in or out.

What Is Early App Access?

Early App Access allow members to use our apps and they are being developed and before they are released to the public.

Why Is There a 1 Year Commitment?

We are committed to the long-term success of HANG LOCAL. Building world class software takes more than 1 month. Joining as a HANG LOCAL Members is a commitment to its long-term success. We are in this for the long game and we want out members to be too!

What Is The Member Number?

Every sponsor is issued an official HANG LOCAL Founding Member number used for member-only discounts and member-only events.

When Will HANG LOCAL Launch?

The HANG LOCAL iOS app is currently available in the Apple App Store here. The HANG LOCAL Android app is currently under development. There is not yet a public launch date for Android.

Who Does HANG LOCAL Use For Locations Services?

HANG LOCAL uses the Foursquare API for place locations.

Who Does HANG LOCAL Use For Payment Processing?

HANG LOCAL uses Stripe for secure payment processing.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

HANG LOCAL's Privacy Policy is located here.