Last Updated: August 23, 2018

Privacy Policy

We support privacy and respect yours.

To build emerging technology and to improve the user experience of Hang Local, we collect and monitor data and usage on Hang Local.

We do this to improve the technology and to focus on creating a safe place for people to connect with each other.

Information We Collect

Building a social platform requires the collection of personally identifiable information such as your name, your contacts, your location, your interests, your communities, your activities and how these relate to each other.

We collect usage and timestamp information on various actions taken on the Hang Local website and in the Hang Local Apple and Android apps. Some examples of actions could be but not limited to logging in, adding a Buddy or posting a Hangout. Our servers also log IP address information.

How We Use This Information

Data is analyzed by a combination of computers and humans solely for the purpose of improving the Hang Local platform.

We have no interest in invading the privacy of the people on the Hang Local platform. Any data we use is only to ensure our technology improves and provides a safe place for people to meet each other.

Sharing This Information With Business Partners

Hang Local does not collect and resell information.

Hang Local is currently working with local merchant to determine how to provide useful information regarding Hang Local patrons of their physical stores. We always want to be transparent about any and all information shared with any local retailers.

Password Information

All Hang Local account password information is encrypted with the latest industry standard practices.

We do not have access to view your password and we will never email you what your password is. Any password retrieval involves resetting your password and creating a new one.

Have A Concern Not Listed?

Our goal is to continue to build trust and a longterm relationship with all of our members. Email us at and we'll add or clarify.


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Photo Policy

Photos must meet the following guidelines.

Photos Must
  • Clearly show your face
  • Clearly highlight you as the subject
Photo May Not Contain
  • Shirtless selfies
  • Cartoon characters
  • Overlaid text or images
  • Blurred images
  • Animals without an owner
  • Children without a parent
  • Scenery without a person