Hang Local

The App For More Time With Friends

Fastest Way To Find Your Friends

We put all of our love into building the best app to help you quickly locate and notify your friends when you're free.

As a global society we are spending more time looking at our devices and less time interacting with each other, however, we think it is more important than ever to find more time experiencing life in the real world with the people we love.

Hang Local was built to help you meet up to grab coffee, catch the latest movie, go for a walk, or just hang out.

The challenge with modern life is that it has become increasingly more complex, especially as we grow older and take on more responsibility. It's difficult to know which of our friends are available to hang out and even harder to schedule time with them.

Hang Local solves this by making it fast, easy and fun notify your friends when you're free to connect with your friends.

The app works by first selecting which of your contacts from your phones address book are your friends that you want to see more in real life. We call these friends your Hang Local Buddies.

Once your Buddies are set, you choose an activity and are presented with your Buddies in the area to notify. Hang Local can send your Buddies a text or an email notification so your Buddies do not have to have the app to respond.

Our mission is to improve global happiness by empowering friendships and communities to flourish.

We create software that drives less time on our digital devices and more time with our friends creating shared laughter and embrace in the real world.

It's a little crazy, but we think the world is a better place when people feel loved by a friend or part of their community. Research from Harvard concurs that it is our strong relationships with our friends, loved ones and community that keep us happy and healthy as we age.

We are independent and bootstrapped. The development of our software, apps and services are funded by people like you! It's the support of like minded folks that adds fuel to our fire ... and also keeps our servers running!

Limited Edition Sticker

As a Founding Member of Hang Local we'll send you this Limited Edition 3"x 2.25" vinyl sticker. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use so that you can rock your Founding Member status on something you love!

15% HL Store Discount

All sponsors receive a 15% discount when purchasing items online from our Hang Local store. We are always adding new items, zip codes and localities so drop us by sending us a tweet of what you'd love to see!

HL Shop

Local Merchant Discounts

We've launched local discounts for Members and are working with merchants across the U.S to offer a 10% discount exclusively to Hang Local Members. This program has just begun so please drop us a line and we'll get in touch with your favorite local merchant in your hood!

10% off at the LōKL Gourmet
McLean, VA
10% off at The Venice Love Shack
Venice, CA

Early Member Access

Penguin sponsors and above receive early member access to Hang Local's beta iOS and Android apps. Additionally sponsors have access to new features before they are released to the public and can directly participate in shaping new features if they choose.

A few years back, I shocked my family and choose to leave my tenured job at Google to build software that would get us to spend less time online and more time offline with each other.

From 2003-2009, I had worked with the best and brightest Googlers on the teams that launched Google AdSense, Google Video and Google Checkout. I absolutely love building consumer software and am dedicated to Hang Local's long term success.

Creating software is a large and costly effort. The software and services that Google and Facebook develop are backed by billions of dollars that pay tens of thousands of engineers, designers and quality employees to make the magic happen.

Jason Calcanis, An experienced entrepreneur and early investor in Uber recently wrote:

"To build a truly modern app startup at “reasonable scale” you need to have about a dozen folks: two developers for each platform (iOS, Android, and web), a product manager, designer, a CTO, growth/marketing, and a couple of business folks (CEO, COO)."

Hang Local is a lean operation with currently only one full time employee. Funding from sponsors directly goes to paying for salaries, servers and services that allow us to build world class software.

What Is The Membership Card For?

Hang Local is working with local merchants to offer member-only in-store discounts. We are in the process of adding new member discounts in Los Angeles County, The San Francisco Bay Area and the DC Metro Area.

Where Is The Beta Available?

The Hang Local beta is designed to work anywhere you are in the world. It uses your phone's GPS to update your location and automatically connect you with your friends regardless of which city you're in.

Do My Friends Have To Have The App?

No. One of the best parts about Hang Local is that it uses your friends email or cell number to notify them that you want to hang out if they do not have the app. Additionally, they do not have to have the app to reply to your notification.

What Is Early Member Access?

Early Member Access allow sponsors to use the Hang Local app and services before they are released to the public. Members can play a active role in providing feedback on unreleased features.

What Are The Member Only Features?

As we continue to develop and test new features, certain features will only be available to Hang Local sponsors.

What Is A Claimed Username?

Usernames can be used to locate other members on Hang Local. Members have the ability to setup and choose their username for easy sharing and connecting with other Hang Local users.

Why 1 Year Sponsorship Commitment?

We are committed to the long-term success of Hang Local. Building world class software takes more than 1 month of support. Sponsoring Hang Local is a commitment to its long-term success and launch. We are in this for the long game and we want out sponsors to be committed also.

What Is The Issued Member Number?

Every sponsor is issued an official Hang Local member number used for member-only discounts and member-only events.

What Are Private Groups?

Private Groups allow members to setup a group for only their friends to participate in and share their availability to hang out or meet up only with other members of that group anywhere in the world.

When Will Hang Local Launch?

The Hang Local iOS app is currently in private beta testing and available to Hang Local Early Access members. The Hang Local android app is under development. There is not yet a public launch date.

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